Top four things to do in Miami at night

Are you planning to visit Miami this year? You have probably heard a word or two about dynamic and vibrant nightlife.

This city has numerous attractions which can keep you busy all night and day. If this is your first time visiting Miami, then you will be amazed by stylish clubs, spectacular skyline, and exotic cruises.

However, things don’t end here. Countless hotels, beautiful beaches, and exclusive bars will offer you a lot of fun and keep you on your toes. So, let’s see what the best nighttime activities this city has.

Night Tour

Miami’s Big Bus Night Tour is one of the attractions you should definitely try. If you are staying for the first time, then this tour will help you get to know the city. The 90-minute ride is designed to introduce visitors with the top spots and help you discover landmarks of the city.

Therefore, for people who are looking for the first-hand view of the city, then this is the perfect opportunity to see all its appeal.

If you want to witness the beauty of Miami, then spectacular skyline tour will be an excellent option for you. This 60-minute airplane ride is perfect for people who are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You can relax, enjoy the view, take photos, and get a glimpse of busy streets, breathtaking buildings, and stunning beaches. The tour guide will explain everything you need to know before the flight.

Ice Bar

Located in the center of Collins Avenue, the Ice bar is an ultimate destination for all who want to have good fun, enjoy drinking, and night-long entertainment. However, make sure to put on some warm clothes because this is a rare opportunity to experience winter in Miami.

The package deal includes a fur coat, socks, gloves, additional winter accessories, and two drinks. The bar is placed inside of a hotel which is made of 100,000 pounds of pure ice. To balance the temperature, there is a fire lounge where you can warm up.

Nightlife in South Beach

Often praised as a party capital of the U.S, Miami’s South Beach is a fantastic place to visit. Each year, thousands of parties happen here. There is cheap booze, a lot of people and great music.

Here you will find some of the leading DJs hosting parties every single day during the week. Also, there are a lot of celebrities and VIPs who are regular on these events. So, if you are in mood for the party, then head to South Beach.