The best night clubs to visit in Miami

Whether you are on vacation, or you are just passing through, Miami night clubs are something you don’t want to miss. Depending on your preference and music choice, there are plenty of establishments that offer a lot of fun.

We could say that the Miami nightclub scene is hot and happening, and made for every taste. It shouldn’t surprise you the fact that these clubs are ranked among the best in the nation. Therefore, if you have a chance to visit some of the Miami nightclubs, then don’t miss an opportunity to experience something you’ll never forget.

mango tropical

Mango’s Tropical Café

If you are a fan of salsa and Michael Jackson tribute shows, then Mango’s Tropical Café is the right place for you. This café offers full-time Caribbean experience, belly dancers and salsa lessons to help beginners settle in.

We can say that Mango’s is quite distinctive and dynamic, and even people behind the bar will dance while they prepare drinks for customers. Overall, this place is bursting with life. The décor resembles the pre-revolution Havana, which is an excellent way to experience another culture.

So, fill your ears with good music, your ears with beautiful and charismatic people, and your belly with delicious food and drinks.


liv nightclub miamiLIV is the place where you will most likely meet or see some of the top name DJs and artists such as Ruby Rice, Pitbull, Chance the Rapper, and so on. Plenty of celebrities, musicians, and models visit this nightclub, from Rhianna and Nicki Minaj to Kim and Kortney Kardashians.

So, you never know who you will run into. The LIV is located at the bottom floor of the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel. To visit this club, you must bring a lot of cash with you because drinks can go up to $100. There are a strict door policy and bouncers who keep everything in check.

To blend in, you can hire which will drive you to the red carpet, and make you feel like a true celebrity.


With more than a 27.000 – square-foot dance space, Story is a hipster central. This club features a fantastic sound system, as well as lighting to match. Half of the area is transformed into a giant floor where you can show your dance abilities and moves.

story miami

The Story features 60 VIP booths and five full-service bars. For that reason, this is one of the Miami’s hottest hip hop clubs, where you must dress to impress, but also dip in your pocket if you want to enjoy great music and delicious drinks.

Tucandela Bar

Tu Candela Bar MiamiFans of Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Pitbull, and Jacob Forever will definitely enjoy Tucandela bar. Tucandeal means “your flame,” which makes sense since this bar is all about great music and dancing all night long.

There is no cover, just lovely clothes and music that keeps your body moving. If you happen to be in Miami, then don’t miss a chance to visit this spectacular bar.