Nightlife in Miami – The Ultimate Guide

Miami’s nightlife scene is hot! Plenty of nightclubs, beautiful beaches, warm weather, skimpy clothing, and delicious mojitos are there to make this city even more fun. On the other hand, if you are first-time visiting Miami, then you must think this isn’t a place where average people live.

Even though they all look like they’ve been pampered for the magazine shoot, they are actually real people going into clubs. So, don’t feel intimidated, be confident, and be yourself. Who cares about red carpet and door policies.

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So, how can you fit in and what rules should you follow?

Be polite

Don’t be timid, but don’t act like you are Kim Kardashian either. If you want to enter a nightclub, whatever you do, don’t yell at the doorman, or try to touch him, or tank his clothes.

You won’t get his attention; you’ll only get removed from the queue.

Try to get on the guest list

Ask a concierge at your hotel to help you out, or you can call the club and leave your name. It’s simple as that. 

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Sometimes be aggressive and act rich

If there is a screaming crowd at the back of the queue, then it will be quite hard to move up front. In this case, you need to be a bit aggressive. If this fails, then order a bottle service, which guarantees you a pass to the front.

Choose your clothes

For women, showing a decent amount of skin can be quite useful. However, it all depends on a person. For example, we’ve seen Spanish women in barely-there tops look less trashy than Americans in standard miniskirts.

On the other hand, men don’t wear jeans and t-shirts. Unless you are one of those guys who can pull out any look, don’t go out looking like this. After all, this is Miami, be a little more daring and forget about slacks and button-up shirts.

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Always be early

Do you want to be fashionably late, or you want to get in? You will have a chance to enter a nightclub if you arrive between 10:30 pm and 11 pm. At this time, bounces feel very generous, but you can’t club-hop with this strategy.

Bring a woman if you are a man

A man alone is not worth much unless you plan to visit a gay club. Having a beautiful woman will add value to your appearance.